The "Terms and Conditions" as laid down herein are binding by you and should be reviewed on a regular basis as they may change at any time and it is under these Terms and Conditions that you may use Consultantbox.com.

Please read and examine these terms completely as the use of this website means that you accept them in full.

On registration at ConsultantBox.com (hereafter called the website) you are required to add your personal and employment history including but not exclusively through your CV, which may be used as a basis for an employer ‘hiring’ you or your company. Due to this, by joining the website you indemnify that all facts provided by yourself or your representatives are true and that as the registered member you accept responsibility for your accounts actions. 

No CV or personal details are provided to any prospective staffing manager prior to written approval.

The website reserves the right to offer third party services and products also based on the skills that you identify in your registration and at any time thereafter; such offers may be made by the website or by third parties.

User Obligations

At no point shall any user try to circumvent the use of the website by adding or leaving personal and/or contact details on their CV, any individual or company carry out this behaviour accepts that their entries will be removed without notice and they may face banning from the website in future, this will be at the discretion of the website.

No agencies of any variety are permitted to join the website, this is a direct connect solution only, any agency joining the site will be removed and deleted, along with any entries they have added. The only exception to this will be when written permission has been given by the website prior to joining. To request this, contact the website through the normal channels and the application will be given consideration on an individual basis.

All information supplied will be done so using the predefined format of the website and you will be responsible for updating the information when the information held becomes out of date, obsolete or inaccurate.

As a user, you hold the responsibility for your own communications, regardless of format and will take the responsibility for any consequences arising from these. All information provided to the website must be true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief, there must be no information added that would, within any legality would be considered illegal or infringe on third party rights. The entries must not be, or by implication be abusive, disruptive, offensive, defamatory or obscene.

The use of the website indicates that you accept that you indemnify the website in respect of any losses or liabilities which may be incurred by website due to the content of any information, or deliberately false or misleading material provided by yourself or your company the website.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

All intellectual property, including but not exclusively copyrights and trademarks in the website are either the property of or licensed to the website and by using or joining the site you agree not to copy, reproduce in any format, change, distribute or download these without the websites express written permission.

All information gained from the website may be used for the purpose it was transmitted and at for a reasonable period of time following this the copying or storing of this information for commercial purposes is not permitted without written prior permission from the website.

This information is required to be kept private. Any copyright infringement or breach of intellectual property infringements, which are created by your actions or by your not abiding by these terms and conditions are indemnified by yourself towards the website and by using the website you are agreeing to this indemnification.

Limitation of Liability

As the user of the website you accept responsibility for any liability suffered by your action or inaction regarding all content added by yourself to the website. Any losses of this nature will not be accepted as the responsibility of ConsultantBoxt.com The website accepts no liability for data stored within its database or failures of its servers, including data corruption. Further more the website take no liability for the accuracy of any posting by any member on the web site, harm that is caused to hardware or software as a result of using the website.  

All links are provided as a service and ConsultantBox.com takes no responsibility for their content or integrity in any way, all contact with external websites is done at your own risk. ConsultantBox.com has no control over the entries made and therefore the contents, accuracy or the degree to which this information is up to date is not the responsibility of the website, any incorrect information will be removed but, at all times the individual or company inputting the information will be held liable with the website being held to have no responsibility.

The website reserve the right to add, amend or delete information as it see fit without prior notice or explanation. When using the website it is understood that ConsultantBox.com is not the employer and therefore has no responsibility to check the information held on this site and the website has therefore no responsibility for the accuracy of the postings.  Any breach of any of the terms, actions against or claims against the website will directly lead your acceptance of any liability and indemnification of the website, without hesitation and to the full extent.


Each of these terms apply individually, should a breach of one of these apply then the remaining terms will continue to remain in force – each term is applicable both separately and collectively and you will be expected to abide by each term individually. ConsultantBox.com is not your partner and should not be seen as this unless with prior written agreement from ConsultantBox.com.

Data Storage

At all times data will be held at the highest level of security available.


The website reserves the right to remove both your information and your ability to view the website without need for explanation, however if you breach these terms your information will automatically be removed and entry to the site will be declined. 

Governance and Third Party Rights

The Laws of England shall apply to all matters relating to legalities will be considered under English jurisdiction. All matters shall be dealt with in English courts regardless of any other consideration. By joining or using this site you agree to this and all other terms of the website.
As stated in the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 any person or entity who is not a party to the agreement between ConsultantBox.com and the user has no right to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions however this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists outside this.