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The only independent, hand verified SAP consultant reference bank built by the SAP community.

  • Nobody knows every SAP consultant - but through knowledge sharing here at you can instantly discover if a consultants reputation is as good as their SAP resume.
  • Save time - each search returns consultants prioritised by 'highest rated' appropriate consultant.
  • Save money - no agency layers means more consulting for your budget + higher quality consulting means greatly improved ROI.
How does this SAP dedicated solution work?
Reference check:
  • 'Consultant Checker' gives direct access to reference check any SAP consultant - add their 'CB Verified' number (direct from their SAP resume) or their name and press 'Find'
Search, select & hire:
  • 'Search SAP Consultants' delivers the main SAP skills - select the mail skills you need then 'Refine Your Search' to drill down to your exact niche. Select consultants from here and contact them directly to either ask further questions or arrange an interview.
If an SAP consultant cant/wont prove their reputation through verified ratings/reviews from their previous employers/colleagues you need to know why not?

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