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Uniquely distinguishing the expert SAP consultants from the many pretenders through hand verified ratings/reviews from SAP community members since 1997.

Differentiating expert SAP consultants from 'expert' SAP consultants is the domain of ConsultantBox.com.

Hiring a true 'expert' SAP consultant means your project will succeed - while an expert will take your money and add little or no value while disrupting the rest of the SAP & business team.

'Expert' SAP consultants demonstrate their skills through unique hand verified ratings given by their ex managers and peers - unlike reference checking these span all of their recent projects and can be instantly viewed to determine whether to interview.

Each rating/review of the 3 core abilities is 'scored' out of 5 by former employers/peers & factored into the consultants overall 'league position' 

  • Professionalism: Did the consultant conduct themselves professionally?

  • SAP skills: Did the consultant demonstrate and deliver a good understanding of their SAP skills?

  • Communication: Did the consultant communicate clearly & effectively while on site and leave a sufficient documentation trail? 

Professional SAP consultants around the world know the importance of reputation - every day more and more are leveraging their reputation - both to prove their value and to differentiate themselves from the many thousands of face experts working today.

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