ConsultantBox and SAP

ConsultantBox raising SAP consultant standards

ConsultantBox is a fast growing, global SAP network where SAP consultants are rated and reviewed by the people they have worked for and with in the past, people who have had real life experience of working with the consultant they are rating, every SAP consultant can freely build their reputation based on these ratings but only those who have provided a good service to their customers will benefit from doing so.People who join ConsultantBox (CB) are like you - looking to hire SAP professionals who have proven they deliver high quality results or SAP consultants, with a reputation that matches their resume.

SAP consultant reviews you can trust:

Not every review on every site can be trusted so at CB every single rating and review on is hand checked by us to ensure the information can be relied upon as part of the hiring process.

Consultants cant pay to be on CB lists or change their ratings:

SAP consultants do not pay to create their profile or build their reputation - we do not accept any money from SAP consultants that will alter, in any way their position or ranking search results on ConsultantBox - if a consultant has good ratings from multiple.

Consultant checking:

Any SAP consultant ratings can be instantly checked by a member of CB by adding either their name or their unique CB id.

Direct hiring from ConsultantBox:

Finally a solution that makes SAP hiring not only simple and cheap but also informed - with CB its as easy as 1 - 2 - 3, search the database, select consultants with the right skills and good ratings, contact and hire direct - no commissions and NO layers.

Working together:

With the power of the SAP network SAP jobs now go to the best available consultant based on skills and merit, without layers SAP consultants earn what they are worth and customers get what they pay for. - improving SAP consulting standards - one consultant at a time.