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Professional Profile
Permanent Home Land : Croatia
Permission To Work In :
Languages Spoken :
Preferred Hourly Charge Rate : N/A
SAP Years : 12-15 Years
Current Work Visa's Held :
US Visa's Held : Visa Type:
Travel Information : Internationally
Certified In : C_TAW12_04: SAP Cert. Dev. Consultant (ABAP)
Industry Experience : IS-Utilities, IS-Oil
SAP Mentor (SDN) : No
M.A. Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science, Major: Industrial Electronics, Zagreb, Croatia
SAP Courses / Certifications
SAP Skills
Available from : Jun 22, 2018
Work as : Full Time / Part Time On Contract Basis
Self Evaluation
Q1: Describe your ideal SAP role?
Development team member or instructor, development team leader.
Q2: Which role would suit you best - a manager, team member or soloist? Please explain why?
Team memeber: I like working with other people and enjoying the common feeling when the goal is achieved. I can do some solo work, but in long terms I would greatly miss human interaction and sharing.
Q3: What are your greatest strengths when working in SAP?
I know how to listen to the client and translate his/her ideas into solution design. Moreover, I actively help the client improve his own concept to get the solution even better than he/she initially expected and in the end, I do my best to finish wath was started with a rounded, finalized product.
Q4: Use 5 words to describe yourself - keep it clean :-)
honest, reliable, thorough, curious,
Q5: What motivates you to excel at work?
Curiosity and then thrill when I see my delivery working. I feel happy just by myself when I know that job has been done well, and especially if I get a chance to use some newly acquired knowledge which expands my horizons. As cream on top of my cake: I enjoy the happiness that I see on the face of my client/manager/colleague. When I perform well I also feel security in material sense for me and my family.