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User Id: 104591
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Professional Profile
Permanent Home Land : Sweden
Permission To Work In :
Languages Spoken :
Preferred Hourly Charge Rate : USD 100-150/Hour
SAP Years : 15-20 Years
Current Work Visa's Held :
US Visa's Held : Visa Type:
Travel Information : Locally
Certified In :
Industry Experience : Manufacturing
SAP Mentor (SDN) : No
Lund University Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1983 Military Service, Karlskrona, KA2, Ship and Caverns Engineer, 1979 Polhem High school, Lund, Mechanical Engineer, 1976
SAP Courses / Certifications
SAP Skills
Available from : Jun 19, 2018
Work as : Full Time On Contract Basis
Self Evaluation
Q1: Describe your ideal SAP role?
Problem solving - interaction with business experts and super users
Q2: Which role would suit you best - a manager, team member or soloist? Please explain why?
Team member – best commitment and result is achieved
Q3: What are your greatest strengths when working in SAP?
Functional hands on experience and skills in understanding business processes and convey that to people
Q4: Use 5 words to describe yourself - keep it clean :-)
Brave, Unpretentious, Easygoing, Tolerant, Cooperative
Q5: What motivates you to excel at work?
To be able to think out of the box to solve tricky challenges