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Professional Profile
Permanent Home Land : Norway
Permission To Work In :
Languages Spoken :
Preferred Hourly Charge Rate : USD 50-100/Hour
SAP Years : 6-8 Years
Current Work Visa's Held : EU
US Visa's Held : Visa Type:
Travel Information : Internationally
Certified In : SAP MM
Industry Experience : Manufacturing, construction, Retail
SAP Mentor (SDN) : No
Mechinical Engineer (BE - Mech)
SAP Courses / Certifications
SAP Skills
Available from : Apr 25, 2018
Work as : Full Time On Permanent / Contract Basis
Self Evaluation
Q1: Describe your ideal SAP role?
SAP Consultant should be able to corelate business process and SAP functionalities, Try to fit as much as business requirement using standard SAP processes, which helps reducing the maintenance cost after Golive. There might be some business requirements where there is need to make system changes, in these cases Z developments can be done to meet the requirement.
Q2: Which role would suit you best - a manager, team member or soloist? Please explain why?
Manager - Team player and able to create trust environment in the team by guiding them using appropriate channel/forum etc.
Q3: What are your greatest strengths when working in SAP?
I understand business requirement very easily and able to get the best solution from SAP.
Q4: Use 5 words to describe yourself - keep it clean :-)
Good Team Player, Business knowledge, Strong SAP knowledge, Confidant, Convincing
Q5: What motivates you to excel at work?
Keen to understnd business requirements and provide best possible SAP solution