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Professional Profile
Permanent Home Land : Croatia
Permission To Work In :
Languages Spoken :
Preferred Hourly Charge Rate : USD 100-150/Hour
SAP Years : 8-10 Years
Current Work Visa's Held :
US Visa's Held : Visa Type:
Travel Information : Locally
Certified In : PMI, SAP, CompTIA
Industry Experience : Industry ex. Utilities, Railways
SAP Mentor (SDN) : No
Mr.Sc: University of Zagreb, Department Telecommunications and Informatics, Area: Databases. Thesis: Comparison of data models for reengineering of informatics systems. BSc: University of Zagreb, Department of Mathematics, Area: Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics
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Available from : Jun 24, 2018
Work as : Full Time / Part Time On Contract Basis
Self Evaluation
Q1: Describe your ideal SAP role?
SAP Project manager or SAP Project coordinator. Skilled in organizing teams and work, internal or external. Supporting customer PM, stakeholders, team members and consultants by instructing and guide them through the project management processes and procedures.
Perform SAP Solution Manager trainings, education and support in area of project implementations.
Q2: Which role would suit you best - a manager, team member or soloist? Please explain why?
Manager in terms of guidance and instructing people. Team member in achieving common target - project realization.
Q3: What are your greatest strengths when working in SAP?
Coordinating people to perform project work and to keep an eye on the system/application stability for various project activities such as testing, training, migration uploads, upgrades etc. Insisting on good quality of project deliverables and documentation.
Q4: Use 5 words to describe yourself - keep it clean :-)
Reliable, honest, organized, willing to learn
Q5: What motivates you to excel at work?
Working with people is very interesting and challenging. Solving issues and helping them actually builds up my confidence and helps me professionally and personally to grow. Different cultures and consultants I've met enriched me and opened for me new possibilities not only within my daily work but in the life too. They taught me to be confident and not afraid to step forward for new challenges.