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Professional Profile
Permanent Home Land : Portugal
Permission To Work In :
Languages Spoken :
Preferred Hourly Charge Rate : USD 50-100/Hour
SAP Years : 15-20 Years
Current Work Visa's Held :
US Visa's Held : Visa Type:
Travel Information : Locally
Certified In :
Industry Experience : Consumer goods, Pharma, manufacturing, Appereal, Insurance, retail, hospitality, build all-in-one solutions
SAP Mentor (SDN) : No
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Available from : Apr 26, 2018
Work as : Full Time On Contract Basis
Self Evaluation
Q1: Describe your ideal SAP role?
After 16 years of experience with a great and consistent experience as project manager my ideal role is as project manager or delivery manager. However I'm a free lance and these roles are not available very often so I consider consultant in FICO, or ABAP or to design a solution based on SAP good roles.
Q2: Which role would suit you best - a manager, team member or soloist? Please explain why?
Manager or soloist are my preferences, Last years I work a lot in my communication and leadership skills combined with my expeirence (not only how long but mostly diferent roles in diferent industries with diferent enviroments) gave me maturity to adapt quickly and shoot to the bulls eye.
Soloist, because that's how I've been working for a long time and I feel confortable about it.
I don't have problems to be a team member, but I've a soloist soul.
Q3: What are your greatest strengths when working in SAP?
not only how long but mostly diferent roles in diferent industries with diferent enviroments.
I believe there are persons with more SAP knowledge than me on FICO, SD, MM and Technical but I doubt there's a few with deep knowledge of all as me. I can look to the all picture instead of only a part.
Working with same process implemented in iferent ways allows me to adapt to customer needs instead of being jailed of knowledge.
And, most important it's all about people, as good comunicator I know to listen customers interests and negociate best solution special when gaps exist.
Q4: Use 5 words to describe yourself - keep it clean :-)
prgamatic, communicator, Chameleon, architect, knowledge
Q5: What motivates you to excel at work?
I'm self motivated.
Every goal I define is a motivation by itself.